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Repeat dispensing explained

Repeat dispensing explained

If you use the same appliances regularly, you could benefit from repeat dispensing from Select. This means that you won't need to get a prescription each time you require an order. If you are using the Electronic Prescription Service (EPS) then Electronic Repeat Dispensing can further improve the speed at which your orders are processed.


Step 1

Talk to the person who prescribes your products (i.e. your doctor, continence service or practice nurse) and inform them that you would like to obtain Repeat Prescriptions. Depending on whether you are using EPS or not the process differs slightly:

Paper Prescription: Your prescriber will provide up to a year's worth of prescriptions and a signed authorisation form to provide to Select Home Delivery Service.


Electronic Prescription: Your prescriber will store up to a year’s worth of prescriptions in the EPS system from which Select will be able to access these in advance of your next order without the need to wait for delivery of your form.


Step 2 (Skip if using EPS)

Send the authorisation form together with all your repeat dispensing prescriptions to Select via our freepost address:

Select Home Delivery Service

Freepost Plus RTGR-UKYR-TYGB

Brunel Way, Stroudwater Business Park


GL10 3GB


Step 3

For either Paper or Electronic Prescriptions, if we haven’t already called you to remind you that your supplies need to be ordered, just call Select on 0800 783 7027 and ask for your delivery.

We will let you know when your Repeat Prescription is nearing the end of it’s subscription so that you can arrange to see your regular prescriber for a review and to organise new repeat dispensing prescriptions.


Common questions regarding repeat dispensing


Do I need to get my appliances from the same place each time?

Once the batch of repeat prescriptions has been sent to Select we will contact you when our records suggest you are running low on supplies, but you can contact us at any time to request your next delivery.


Do I have to get all the items on my prescription at the same time?

No. If you still have sufficient supplies of any item to see you through to your next order, we will only dispense what is needed. The next time you speak with your Customer Care Advisor, please let them know how you are doing for supplies.

What if I no longer use a particular product on my prescription?

Unused repeat prescriptions can be cancelled at any time by your GP.

Can Select change my prescription without telling me?

No. Only your healthcare professional can change the products you have been prescribed. Select may talk to you about alternatives if your exact product is not in stock at the time you place your order.

How long are these prescriptions valid for?

Most repeat prescriptions are valid for one year. In some cases - for example if your prescriber wants to see you sooner - they may be valid for a shorter time.


Can I carry on getting repeat prescriptions from the surgery?

Yes, however some surgeries fall under a Continence Service and your Prescriptions could move to be managed through them. However, your Surgery would always contact you if this was to change.


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